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Jørgen joined NORDEN on 1 August 2017 and is currently working with an Operations team in the Dry Cargo Department in Hellerup. Jeppe Berner-Magnusson started as Shipping Trainee in 2016. Following a year with the Norient Product Pool tanker operations team, he is now part of the Dry Cargo handy-size chartering team. Marte started as a Shipping Trainee with our Dry Cargo Operations. Typically the Shipping Trainee positions are placed in the commercial teams but due to her educational background (maritime technology) and personal interest, Marte asked if she could gain experience from more technical aspects of our business too. She has subsequently been with our Technical Department in her 2nd trainee rotation.

trainee trainee

“Today I have calculated the route on the next voyage of one of the vessels I operate. It is important to calculate the most efficient route, keeping canal fees, bunkering options, (S)ECA zones in mind to optimise the voyage and minimise the cost. Based on my calculations we instruct the captain to follow the optimal route. Minimising costs and ensuring an efficient voyage are the main objectives for a ship operator. To ensure this I collaborate internally with the vessel, our bunkering and chartering department teams as well as externally with agents and vendors”.

trainee trainee

“The life as a Shipping Trainee has indeed exceeded my expectations! Even in a learning role, I have been given a lot of responsibility since day one – both in Operations with the direct contact to the captains of the ships and in Chartering negotiating with the customers. I get to meet people from all over the world and I daily face new logistical and commercial challenges supported by my Mentor and my team.”

trainee trainee

''No days at NORDEN are the same. I quickly became a part of the team, and the close cooperation between our departments ensures that we are always updated and able to make the best decisions as a team. NORDEN has an incredible in-house knowledge, and as a trainee you are always welcomed and encouraged to ask questions. The flexibility of the Shipping Trainee Program gives the opportunity to learn and understand both the technical and commercial part of our business, giving me valuable insights into different aspects of the international shipping industry.''



Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S is an international ship owner and operator. NORDEN was founded in 1871 and is one of the oldest listed shipping companies in the world.

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NORDEN operates worldwide in dry cargo and tanker vessel types. NORDEN’s tanker activities are operated commercially by the 50%-owned Norient Product Pool, which is the second largest product tanker pool in the world. NORDEN’s fleet is one of the most modern and competitive fleets in the industry. NORDEN has about 310 employees at the 9 offices around the world and 805 employees at sea.


NORDEN’s customers, business partners and employees benefit from our strong corporate culture, where Flexibility, Reliability, Empathy and Ambition are our cores values.



Through our intensive two-year programme as Shipping Trainee at NORDEN you will be thoroughly introduced to the world of international shipping. The training incorporates both practical and theoretical aspects.



As a Shipping Trainee with NORDEN you immediately become a performing member of the team. During the two-year period your knowledge of our two primary business areas will gradually develop, and you will gain commercial hands-on experience with a Chartering Team and the ability to execute voyages with an Operations or Control Team. In addition, we strive at planning at least one trip with a Port Captain in a port frequently called or on board vessels sailing between various destinations. These field trips demonstrate how the loading and discharging operations of vessels take place, and how we in practice cooperate with authorities and other partners.


As a Shipping Trainee with NORDEN you will join the theoretical training of the Commercial Shipping Programme with the Danish Shipping Academy with Trainees from other shipping companies globally. The Commercial Shipping Programme consists of three modules held in Denmark (duration 1-2 weeks) as well as e-learning courses and training in e.g. maritime economics and maritime law.


Typically, you will hold two commercial positions as Shipping Trainee with NORDEN; one in Operations and one in Chartering. You will join smaller teams with dedicated Mentors, and our open office environment fosters an open dialogue, which you will benefit from – and our colleagues abroad are easily reached virtually.


Qualified candidates for the Shipping Trainee Programme with NORDEN typically hold a quantitative bachelor’s degree, preferably with business or shipping related majors. As a minimum, you have passed mathematics at B level and you have excellent English skills. Regardless of your educational background, it is an advantage if you have extra-curricular experiences either from work experience, military service or from living abroad. Your personal qualifications and your attitude towards performance in a corporate context are just as important. You consider yourself to be forthcoming, curious and persevering, and you reflect yourself in our core values; flexibility, reliability, empathy and ambition. As a Shipping Trainee, you are employed with one of our local offices. A non-negotiable requirement is that you hold a valid work permit at the location where you apply.


Besides your salary, which are locally benchmarked, NORDEN covers all expenses related to the programme, including travelling for modules.

Duration of the programme: 2 years
Education: Hands-on experience; typically in two full time positions of 12 months. Theoretical training with The Commercial Shipping Programme (The Danish Shipping Academy).
Qualifications: Preferably a bachelor’s degree with majors in business or shipping. B level mathematics. Excellent English skills. Extra-curricular experiences from work, military or living abroad.
Working place during programme: With the local office, you sign a contract with. Travels to Denmark for module training. Possibly other business travel, port visits or short journeys at sea.
Salary during education: Yes.
Stationing abroad after completion of programme: Yes, based on business cases. All our offices have a mix of local and stationed colleagues.

• Tina Larsen, HR Partner:

• Telephone: +45 33150451



With the Shipping Trainee Programme we want to develop world-class Charterers and Operators to ensure the future success of NORDEN.


As a Charterer, you find cargoes for the vessels and negotiate the freight rate. The market competition is fierce, and you need commercial flair as well as strong networking skills to succeed.

Good business sense and strong negotiation skills are essential to the chartering role. You are in direct contact with the customers, and you will seal the deals. You constantly strive to keep abreast of how supply and demand of raw materials such as iron ore, coal, sugar and gasoline change – and how this influences the freight market. You analyse market reports and news which enable you to make the right decisions – also under time pressure.


The Charterer and Operator work closely together, but their primary competencies and profiles are quite different.
The Charterer must have a keen nose for business and act as the sales person, whereas the Operator must have a good sense of perspective and strong organisational skills. During the Shipping Trainee Programme, you will gain basic knowledge within both areas – and after completion of the programme you will, along with NORDEN, find the right position for you. For both job types, your everyday life is playing in an international context, often English speaking and at high pace.


When the deal is fixed, the Operator takes over and oversees the more specific terms and conditions of the vessel’s voyage. As an Operator you are organised, solution-oriented and service-minded. You are in close dialogue with captains, ports and authorities and you handle documents about the voyage.
You are very knowledgeable about contracts, vessels, bunker consumption, ports and geographical conditions to optimise the voyage and meet the customers’ requirements.


After completion of the two-year programme our graduates are typically offered a position within Chartering or Operations, either in Annapolis, Singapore, Shanghai or at our head office in Hellerup. NORDEN considers international experience an important part of our talent development, wherefore working at one of our offices in Annapolis, Singapore, Shanghai, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Melbourne, Vancouver or Santiago for a short or long period might be a possibility.


Deadline for application with job start on 1 August 2018 is end of January 2018 (end of april 2018 for Annapolis).

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